Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hey, look at these...

As we get down to the final stretch in the primaries, you're probably feeling a little political fatigue. Clinton and Obama are doing something called "wooing" to people called "superdelegates," which sounds like it might be interesting until you find out that superdelegates are just other politicians. Then there's the sheer creepiness of this statement, "advisers to Mr. McCain said they were eager for Mr. Bush’s embrace."

If you'd like to stay informed and entertained, there are two places to point your clicker.

The first is The Garlic, written by J. Thomas Duffy. Duffy keeps track of a lot of great sources of information and is pretty handy with his own barbs. Check back often for new polls, photos, links, and other daily "cloves."

He also often links to the second site I'd like to point you to, written by premiere political satirist Barry Crimmins. I've frequently written about Crimmmins in my capacity covering comedy for The Boston Globe. He's the sharpest mind in the business, and essential campaign reading.

Lastly, if you're sitting at home tonight at midnight flipping channels and trying to avoid the news, head over to Comedy Central for the debut of Mike Birbiglia's new one-hour special, What I Should Have Said Was Nothing. I've praised Birbiglia on this blog before (here and here), and he is not to be missed. I was going to e-mail him about the new special, but then my collegue Sean McCarthy, who has been delivering the most complete comedy news on the Web over at The Comic's Comic, beat me to it.

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