Wednesday, September 3, 2008

OC-Ed: American Hats?

I have not posted here in a while, as I have been busy writing music, but I couldn't quite let this pass. This is one of the most distrubing, Orwellian images I've seen in quite some time, coming from a story in today's New York Times. The image of the president, looming in a dark cave with hats that appear to be headless looking up at him. Are these the "American Hats" we're all supposed to be wearing now because the Republicans have decided to finally react to a potential crisis?


Anonymous said...

It is a strange image indeed... I read your blogs, were you by chance an only child that wanted to be Jack Kerouac so badly. It's ever apparent in your writing that you lack backbone... I usually don't respond to blogs but I get a kick out of you... Your worse than the wannabe artists slinging mud on canvass. Hunter S, Ginsberg, Burroughs etc. all had backbone and substance. I can tell you were coddled as a boy


Nick said...

Dear Martin,

Thank you so much for your grammatically challenged, random screed where you blast me for having no backbone and then don’t leave your full name. You sound like a peach. We should hang out. I could amuse you.


Jessica said...

i'm wondering if anonymous likes women whistling?