Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Humor Writing Contest

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Thanks to everyone who has read, downloaded, or reviewed my essay, The Nutcracker: As I See It, in the contest. I know it's asking more than going someplace and clicking or voting, and I appreciate every moment you've spent on it. We are going into the last week of the contest, so this will be my last post here about it.

This is a humor/short story contest with a holiday theme. The top five make it into an eBook compilation, and the writer's get paid and earn royalties. I convinced my friends Mike Vago and Jessie Baade to write stories, as well. Right now, it seems we're all in decent shape. But the other writers are likely making their last appeals, as well. So I am posting the links to all of our stories one more time. Reading them all the way through helps the score (it tracks how far a reader gets in a complicated algorithm). Downloading helps a bit more (for desktop, Nook, or Kindle). A good review helps the most, although you have to create an account for that.

So if you'd like a trippy account of the Nutcracker ballet, take a look at my first-person essay. If you ever wonder how Christmas would be for a vampire visiting his girlfriend's family, read Mike's story. And if you want to read how a Journey songbook brightened a couple's Christmas morning, read Jessie's story. That should cover most of you, right?

The Nutcracker As I See It by Nick Zaino

Vampires We Have Heard On High by Mike Vago

A Very Journey Xmas by Jessie Baade