Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mort Sahl Answers Your Questions on Twitter

Watch live streaming video from mortsahl at

To me, politics in stand-up comedy begins with Mort Sahl. I've had the pleasure of interviewing the man twice (here's one of the resulting articles, my apologies for the pay site), and getting to see him live in Boston at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theatre (now closed) and the JCC theater in Newton. He doesn't get out as often as he used to, but his voice is still vital. He's still sharp, and still sees all the angles. So I was happy to see that he will be popping into my computer every Wednesday at 5PM EST to answer questions via Twitter starting June 6.

As you can tell from this video, Sahl is opinionated, but he's not binary. He doesn't simply choose from the two offered options, right or left, with us or against us. I spoke with him last in 2007 as the presidential election was ramping up. He was discouraged but hopeful that Americans would ask more from their culture, from their politicians, to want better than what we get, intellectually and spiritually. "It’s optimistic but I don’t know if it’s justified," he said then. "The world is worth saving, more people have to work at it. They’ve got to work at it more. They think they’re off the hook if they can make some money." 

You can keep up to date about the Wednesday show at or better yet, follow him on Twitter